Relief From Abdominal Pain

get togetherRecently, I attended a family get together to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of my grandparents. I was thrilled to see my cousin there, as two years ago she moved from our hometown to Sydney which is located more than 1000 miles away. However, I was surprised that she seemed to be rather sad and gloomy as usually she is the life and soul of the party at our family get-together.

When I questioned her she revealed she had been suffering from abdominal pains that left her sleeping poorly and in considerable discomfort. Although she had consulted several doctors, none of them could give her lasting abdominal pain relief; and told her she was probably suffering from irritable bowel syndrome as there was no serious cause present that would lead to her condition. As well as the pain, she also experienced alternating constipation and diarrhea, which made attending social occasions difficult. Needless to say, I could understand why she looked so gloomy.abdominal pain

As I am very interested in alternative health and natural cures I decided to go about looking up some abdominal pain natural treatments. I found probiotic supplements will help form healthy bacteria in the gut, and one can easily obtain these from health stores. Probiotic supplements will help to prevent diarrhea by making the contents of the intestinal tract more solid. Fermented milk products such as younger are rich in probiotics, so I advised my cousin to eat a couple or yogurts a day and also take supplements.

My research also found that the diarrhea my cousin was experiencing could be helped by consuming fresh juice. My cousin said she had been considering investing in a good juicer, and I found a website which recommended taking the juice of a lemon and half teaspoon of ginger juice to relieve diarrhea. Within a few days Marianne reported that her pain had improved greatly, and after four days she no longer had any signs of diarrhea. However she was still experiencing some pain in the lower abdomen, especially in the evenings.

fresh fruitsOn questioning her about her diet, I found that since moving to Sydney she has been working very long hours in her high-powered job and therefore has increased their intake of processed foods. When she arrives home, it is often late in and she is very tired and does not feel like preparing a meal. She will frequently pick up a takeaway meal to it when she gets home,or heat a processed ready meal in the microwave.

We determined that she was eating very little fiber which could have been the cause of her constipation -which she frequently suffered with when she was not experiencing bouts of diarrhea. Over the next few weeks, Marianne gradually increased her fiber intake by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, until she was consuming around 35 g a day. This was approximately four times what she had previously been eating, and therefore a great improvement.

Marianne is now completely free of stomach pains. These small adjustments to her diet were enough to bring her substantial abdominal pain relief without any invasive treatments or harsh medications. Therefore if you are suffering from any non-serious conditions that result in stomach pains, I strongly advise you to increase your fiber intake and take some probiotics, whether in supplemental form or from foods.


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